The Artist

Ashadah Austin

 Ashadah Austin

Meet Ashadah Austin, the artist, owner, and creator of Ashadah Illustrations. Ever since she could remember, drawing was her go-to hobby and consistent routine. She became more serious about creating art and expanding to fashion illustrating during her high school and college years. At age 21, she graduated in May 2020 with a Bachelors of the Arts in the Fashion Studies Major. 



On June 9th, 2020, during the pandemic of Covid-19, Ashadah opened up her Art Shop, Ashadah Illustrations L.L.C. and introduced herself in the art market. Selling Paintings, Illustrations, and Prints of her work is part of her growing passion of art. With fashion, she is growing her art business to then, start a clothing line of street wear and art incorporated into it. Ashadah Illustrations is currently available online, but ships paintings from her home in Bloomfield New Jersey. 


Art Showing at

Montclair State University: MSJ "Black Is..." Event

Ashadah aspires to have her own art gallery, a clothing duo art store front, and to run the styling streets of fashion. With this, she plans to make a change and offer art parties, teach free lessons and give supplies to the Black Community, and to support and donate to Black Owned Businesses and Organizations.