Coffee Unicorn
Coffee Unicorn
Coffee Unicorn

Coffee Unicorn

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About This Painting

I wanted to show the world that Black Men can be mythical creatures like unicorns, mermaids, etc. I wanted to push the narrative of black softness in masculinity. Black men deserve imagination and to see themselves represented in mythical forms.

Materials Used

I use Acrylic paint for all of my original paintings and coat them in varnish gloss to keep them protected and smooth. The varnish will harden and keep the paintings from getting too dusty, dirty or damaged. 

All Original Paintings are painted on a museum quality 100% cotton stretched canvas.


8x10 or Small. This is the average size of computer paper. 

Shipping & Handling

Shipment will take place every Monday with 2-3 days in delivery time. I can ship paintings internationally in addition to the US area.